Why BOOST diesel ?

Well, over time your engine's fuel pump and injectors get dirty. This is a gradual, hard-to-notice process that reduces both your car's engine performance and its fuel economy. This is because standard Diesel is not designed to reduced wear, extend the life of your engine or improve your driving experience - it is simply there to get your car from A to B. The result? Even the smallest amount of dirt on your car's critical engine parts will increase its fuel consumption, reduce its engine performance, and make it a less-smooth drive.

Now, though, you have a choice. Boost Premium Diesel with higher cetanes were created to eat away at the dirt build-up in your engine and to protect against further build-up. So more you drive, the cleaner your engine will become - wasting less fuel, giving you more kilometers to each tank and contributing to a smoother, better driving experience for you. It's the Boost you've been looking for!

And now, for the first time ever in Malta, you'll get even more when you top up your Diesel! Simply join the Boost Loyalty Programme to start collection points that you can exchange for great gifts.

Boost Premium Diesel... Turning the key on better driving.