Frequently asked questions

Can I contact the Boost Diesel team by phone ?
No, at the moment we can reply to your queries by email or through Facebook private messages.

Will Boost Diesel damage my engine in any way ?
No, Boost Diesel will not only NOT damage your engine, it will actually perform better.

Is Boost Diesel suitable for older vehicles ?
Yes, Boost Diesel can be used on any type of vehicle regardless of their age.

Is Boost Diesel available at all service stations ?
No, Boost Diesel is available at these stations so far.

I bought Boost Diesel and the attendant did not give me a voucher, what shall I do ?
You should ask for the voucher yourself when you make your purchase. We have no control over service station attendants as they are not employed with us.

Why is my diesel receipt number not being accepted ?
You need to key in your voucher number and not the receipt number.

If I buy Boost Diesel from an automated station outside of station hours how do I get my vouchers ?
You do not. Vouchers are only given during station hours when station attendants are available.

I have more than one vehicle, should I register more than once ?
For every account registered, the ID Card number and the mobile phone number must be unique. You can use one account for all your vehicles or create a separate account on your spouse's name.

Is there a limit to the number of voucher I can submit ?
Yes, there is a limit of 4 vouchers per week.

Is there some form of validation/licence to distribute this fuel in Malta?
Every fuel product distributed in Malta and Gozo has to be approved by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS ex-MRA) prior to being made available in service stations. Boost Diesel is fully approved.

I forgot my password, what do I do ?
If you forgot your password, simply click on the link under the login and key in your mobile number. Your password will be sent to you by SMS immediately.
If you do not receive it, please get in touch with us.